A beautiful seaside village like Kastrosikia is a unique place for every taste.
The ambience is ideal for families and couples who prefer a quiet holiday in a friendly atmosphere. Has many top quality beaches that suit all tastes awarded with the “Blue Flag”. Large sandy leeward beaches are located, fully organized and easily accessible. Kastrosikia is located 19,5 km away from the city of Preveza, 10 minutes by car, you can even come by bus using KTEL and taxi. The nearest air way is Aktio airport, domestic flights connect this airport to the airport of Athens, Sitia-Crete and other Ionian islands such as Corfu, Kefallonia and Zakynthos. Of course, there are direct connections to many European destinations through charter flights. It is also 20 minutes away from Parga and 30 minutes away from Lefkada.

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